At the very beginning of the book on page 3, Dustfinger met with Orpheus to have him read him back into his book with Farid. Then Orpheus left Farid behind and Farid went to Meggie so that she could help him get Dustfinger. Meggie had also read herself into the book along with Farid. She then had to venture out of the Wayless Woods only to find Fenoglio, now an accomplished poet in the Inkworld. Meanwhile Basta and  Mortola have captured Mo and imprisoned Elinor and Darius within Elinor's basement. Mortola then has Orpheus read them into the Inkworld and shoots Mo. By then, Farid and Meggie are out of the woods and reunited with Fenoglio and Dustfinger. Mo is taken to a hideout in the woods and is being nursed by Resa, who Mortola also brought into the Inkworld. The Adderhead then thinks that Mo is the Bluejay and invades the camp and takes everyone prisoner. It is then up to Meggie, Dustfinger, Farid, The Black Prince, and his strolling players to save the day. Fenoglio thinks of a genius plan for Meggie to walk up to the Adderhead and give him an offer of a book of immortality which can be destroyed only by writing three words: ink, heart, and spell. Mortola figures out their plan and saves the Adderhead. In return for the deal, the Adderhead frees his prisoners. Fenoglio, Dustfinger,  Mo, and Meggie decide that the only way that they can set this book right is by bringing in Orpheus.